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Mon. Dec 29, 2003

Today is the 363th day of 2003 with 2 remaining.

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Those born on this date are under the sign of (Capricorn.)

 Maya Long Count: 12. 19. 10. 16. 0. OXLAHUN-Ahau UAXAC Kankin

Mexica: Xihuitl: 5-Tecpatl. Tonal: 13-Xochitl. Meztli: Hueytozoztli 2

Otomi: K-UTA-Aneyaxi. RETAHIU-Andoeni. Antatzhoni YOHO
Purepecha: YUMU-Tzhinapu. TEMBENTANIMU-Tsitsiki. Tozozcuaro TZIMAN
Zapotec: TOPA-Pija. CHIJ#O-Lao. Cocijo: TOBI-Guiloo. Cocij: TOBI-Lapa.
Lunes 29 de Diciembre de 2003
Today is the Saint`s Day for Rey David, Tomas Canturiense, Crescencio

On This Day

U.N. International Bio-Diversity Day

474 Years Ago, in 1529:
According to some sources, last Mexic tlatoani Cuauhtemoc is buried in the altar of the church of Ixcateopan, Guerrero, by Fr. Toribio Benavente.

451 Years Ago, in 1552:
The cabildo of Mexico City forbids Las Casas' writings on war.

448 Years Ago, in 1555:
The first technique to benefit metals by amalgamation used in New Spain is explained in a manuscript of Bartolome de Medina. The technique was employed to extract silver using mercury and was exported to South America and replaced by the method currently employed three centuries later. However, Spain immediately appropriated the process, and literally prevented New Spain from refining her own silver with her own mercury, by throttling the supply.

200 Years Ago, in 1803:
Poet, journalist, diplomat Jose Bernardo Couto is born in Orizaba, Veracruz. [d. Nov 11, 1862]

176 Years Ago, in 1827:
Vicepresident Nicolas Bravo, from the Scottish Masonic Rite, joins Plan of Montano directed to eliminate secret societies and specifically the York Rite.

158 Years Ago, in 1845:
US President Polk sends John Slidell to negotiate with Mexico the purchase of California and New Mexico. Texas joins the US as the 28th state.

157 Years Ago, in 1846:
US forces commanded by Z. Taylor occupy Victoria, Tamaulipas.

144 Years Ago, in 1859:
Ex-President and Revolution hero Venustiano Carranza is born in Cuatro Cienegas, Coahuila. Opposed Victoriano Huerta and proclaimed First Chief of Mexico, 1914. [d. May 21, 1920]

107 Years Ago, in 1896:
Muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros is born in Santa Rosalia de Camargo, Chihuahua. Siqueiros joined the constitutionalist army and participated actively in worker organizations and other political activities. He was noted for his social consciousness and was incarcerated several times because of his dissidence against the government. He was awarded Mexico's highest cultural prize, the National Prize for Art. He died in Cuernavaca, Jan. 6, 1974.

104 Years Ago, in 1899:
Journalist Alfonso de Icaza is born in Mexico.

94 Years Ago, in 1909:
Scholar Wigberto Jimenez Moreno is born in Leon, Guanajuato. [d. Apr 17, 1985 in MC]

70 Years Ago, in 1933:
The medal "Order of the Aztec Eagle" is officially created to reward foreign personalities and friends of Mexico.

69 Years Ago, in 1934:
Writer Huberto Batis Martinez is born in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

63 Years Ago, in 1940:
Singer/songwriter Maria Dolores (Lolita) de La Colina is born in Tampico, Tamaulipas. Wrote "Que manera de perder!" etc. Pres. Avila Camacho sends a bill to the Chamber of Deputies granting amnesty for political offenders during the presidential campaign. Bullfighter Alberto Balderas is killed by bull _Cobijero_ in the plaza El Toreo.

62 Years Ago, in 1941:
Actor Jesus Melgarejo dies in Mexico City. [b. 1876]

60 Years Ago, in 1943:
The National Union of Education Workers was formed with Luis Chavez Orozco as its first General Secretary.

45 Years Ago, in 1958:
Project HOPE, an organization for the promotion of world health, is founded.

43 Years Ago, in 1960:
The last descendant of don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, Don Salvador Garcia de Leon Hidalgo y Costilla, 76, dies in Cuernavaca. He was a nephew great-grandson of the Priest from Dolores. Not one of his five sons and twenty grandsons would perpetuate the illustrious last name.

28 Years Ago, in 1975:
Foreign Minister Emilio Rabasa resigns unexpectedly (replaced by Alfonso Garcia Robles) after receiving sharp criticism in the press for seeming to apologize to Israel for Mexico's recent (Nov. 10) UN votes for resolutions condemning Zionism, that created a tourism boycott of Mexico.

24 Years Ago, in 1979:
US gives final approval to importation of natural gas from Mexico.

21 Years Ago, in 1982:
U.S. scientists unearth the oldest human bones yet found in North America near present-day Anzick, Montana. The human skeleton, estimated to be more than 12,000 years old, corresponded to a woman. Senate authorizes the "sale to the public of 34% of the shares of nationalized banks."

20 Years Ago, in 1983:
The US announces its withdrawal from UNESCO by the end of next year.

11 Years Ago, in 1992:
Popular children radio entertainer Ramiro Gamboa (Tio Gamboi'n) dies in Mexico City at age 72.

9 Years Ago, in 1994:
Treasury Secretary Jaime Serra Puche fired, peso crisis eases, for a while.

3 Years Ago, in 2000:
In an unprecedent ruling, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, the nation's top electoral court, annulls the results of elections in Mexico's Tabasco state, ruling 4-2 that the October balloting was too fraught with errors to be valid. That deprived the Institutional Revolutionary Party, of the only governorship it had won since losing control of the country in July.

1 Year Ago, in 2002:
Subcommander Marcos, political leader of the Zapatista guerrilla, writes that the only "Ley" (law) that he respects is that from the Chilean band of the same name and only when joined by Mexican singer Ely Guerra in the song "El Duelo". He was responding to criticism of his mocking of the Spanish royalty and support for the Basque nationalist party.

"Besides the destruction of the Caribbean tribes and the introduction of black slavery, two other things emerged from the tragic experience of the Indies. One was the definite appearance of a subtle but powerful racism toward all _indios_, whom the Spanish regarded with exasperation and contempt as undifferentiated, inferior people." -- T. R. Fehrenbach, _Fire and Blood_

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