Ottawa Internet eXchange

News updated for
October 6, 2014

Members Only

Peering and Membership Policies:

Each entity connecting to OttIX is responsible for establishing individual peering arrangements with the other OttIX peers or with the OttIX Route Servers. More information about this can be found in the OttIX Portal.

Each entity connecting to OttIX should have filters installed on the traffic entering their network from OttIX. Packets terminating outside of the entity's address space should be refused. (Unless mutually waived through a bilateral peering arrangement.)

Each entity connecting to OttIX should take all necessary precautions to ensure that abuse of network resources, both that of OttIX and it's peers, does not occur.

Each entity connecting to OttIX must supply a peering co-ordinator contact as well as a NOC contact for peering issues and operational notifications, respectively.

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